Monday, April 11, 2011

hands of fate and other such nonsense.

Ok so i was going to fuck that girl... but as sir john bear pointed out; imagine that guys perspective. i was ignoring that but it was bugging me cause i've had it done to me. that made me quite conflicted. do i exact revenge on someone else's relationship or do i be the bigger man and let the chain of misery end with me. in the end i decided it wasn't worth it because 1: there are plenty of women and skipping on one hottie isn't gonna hurt me one bit. 2: as much as i would like to be an asshole... i am not and cannot ever truly be one. 3: i should focus on school and not chasing girls
     no more than a day after deciding this and not talking to her anymore i find out from a friend that she doesn't actually have  a boyfriend.... just an extremely clingy ex she tolerates and treats pleasantly  because he works with her father. i decide to let it pass anyways cause im not interested in making waves.
     next day she texts me. out of the blue telling me she really wants to meet up for a walk in the woods tonight. odd but i agree.
     10 30 pm and we are just walking along the bike path and talking about a million different things and i realize that either she is a huge liar or perhaps facebook isnt a reliable source of intel.... honestly at the moment thats a big 50/50 but lets just see what she does. always been a fan of the giving people enough rope to hang themselves method. ultimately dramatic but easy to wash from your hands ya know? ill let you all know what goes down. oh and btw ohio... how bout this awesome weahter?!!?!