Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Question for the Masses

So i had over three pages typed out and you know what... fuck that. it's not important. no one really needs to hear why i had a bad weekend suffice to say that it was really bad. curiously enough i nearly had my arm crushed as well by a massive rolling log... besides the point. I'm not gonna go on and on about this.
Instead i have a question for you all since my moral compass is quite misguided lol.

     So the Saturday I'm trying to get over my shitty Friday and i had gone out to rent a movie or two for the family. yes internet people, sometimes there are reasons to still go to the store. for example the highest tier cable internet package available in this hick town is severely unstable and tops out around 450Kbps on a good day. Well, while I'm there i notice for the second time that the cashier is a tall thin blonde with a good sense of style (read: my type) so i decide to chat with her. common stuff ya know. ask her what i should rent. what movies she would recommend and what she has seen recently. I get the impression she is kinda diggin me so after i 2 movies (case 39 and RED) right before I'm ready to walk out i tell her there is a big party next Friday and ask if she has other plans. she says no and so i ask her for her name and number. she jots it down on my receipt and hands it to me with a smile. i leave and don't text her until Monday and ask her if she'd like to go out for dinner and a movie. she's already out but says she would have otherwise. i let it go. next day she texts me just to chat for a bit. Wednesday I'm returning the movies and before i leave i ask if she wants to do anything once she gets off work. she says she has church.... (on a Wednesday?... ok....) but immediately asks me if i could go tonight, Thursday. unfortunately i have to go to the final match of my pool tourney tonight so i have to decline. but we still have the plans for the party tomorrow.

     Sister notices me texting some one a lot and asks who it is. i giver her her first name and describe her and she recognizes the description and gives me her last name. FACEBOOK HO!

     Lets recap real quick shall we?
PROS- attractive, blonde, very polite, loves cats, 18,  doesnt seem to be the clingy type,
CONS- Super religious, unclear plans for the future, 18 (young girls are.... dumber)

wtf is a good little Cristian girl doing wanting to go out with me when she has a boyfriend she claims to love. only be dating him for about a month.seems to be a messed up relationship but hey how much can you really tell from FB creeping right?

so whats the plan guys? avoid the crazy chick? Hit it and quit it? just wonder what you all would do i this particular situation. keep in mind she is very HOT.


  1. well i dont consider myself a good person, but i would hit it and quit it. You stick around a girl too long and they'll try and dominate your life. (commitments and try to make you change yourself)

  2. @Team Panda- too true my man. but you have to admit there are advantages to having a steady girlfriend. trick is finding one who's advantages outweighs her issues eh?

  3. Undercover slut. You're good, bro. Don't let her in, but keep her around.

  4. I'd say avoid.

    But, are you sure about "super religious"? I've met "super religious" girls in the past that the only place they mentioned god was in the bed, preceded by "oh my"

    Just my $0.02

  5. Hit it and quit it bro. If she'll cheat on her boyfriend that easily, she'd cheat on you too. Plus, the religious girls always seem to have issues.

  6. Yeahhh i say avoid. I would for the hit n quit, but she seems like a little too crazy.

  7. always avoid the crazy chicks.

  8. as per the instructions of a close friend of mine much more skilled (and a well established fantasy among the many, many girls he knows) in this field i have been told (upon showing him her pic) that my man card would be revoked for not banging her like a salvation army drum. id show you all but... this particular community isn't the type to give potentially sensitive info to. just picture mila jovich body, eva longoria's face with long blonde hair, blue eyes and perfect lips. and damn does she know how to dress lol. if i find a similar pic at some point ill post that

  9. Don't do anything stupid bro, messing around with a chick who has a boyfriend isn't cool. Think about if you were that dude, cheers!